I Declare this Olympic Blog Open!


The contemporary dance, skydiving, marching athletes and flame lighting will come later. However, the first stage of the opening ceremony of this blog is to celebrate what is to follow in the coming weeks. There will be posts about the world of Olympic sport, from the familiarity of Wimbledon and the Tour de France to less well known fare such as the Pacific Games and the beach soccer World Cup. As Rio 2016 approaches, there will be previews and analysis from a truly global perspective, focusing on the stars of all the events on the programme, without a partisan emphasis on any particular country. Updates will typically appear each Monday to round up news from the previous week.

As the picture above (from the 1896 Games) suggests, some historical context will also be provided. I will attempt to tackle a few of those tricky questions about the reasons why some countries succeed where others fail in certain sports, and I will try to avoid the easy answers which are often given. There will be trivia and anecdotes, statistics and tears, all of the things which would be expected from a world as glorious as that of the Olympic Games. These quirkier articles will usually appear on Friday or Saturday.

Let the Blog Begin!


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