Twenty Year Medal Table for Badminton

Summer Olympic Games 1996 – 2012

Medal Ceremony (7758829360)

The 2012 mens’s singles final was a repeat of Beijing 2008, between Lin Dan of China and Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia. Lee Chong Wei has a chance of a third medal in Rio, which would make him to first player to achieve that feat in singles. His achievement would be tainted by the fact that he served an eight month ban for doping in 2014-15.

Malaysia was the first badminton superpower in Asia, through which the sport reached China via a circuitous route. On the way, it passed through Indonesia, which is hoping to recover from disappointment in London, from which it returned without a single medal.

Europe has a poor record and Denmark is the only country to make an impact. A crucial factor in the growth of Danish badminton was a tour by the British Strollers team in the 1920s. Spain has yet to win an Olympic medal but is likely to break its duck this year as the world champion, Carolina Marin, is the big favourite for gold in the women’s singles.

China 16 7 10 33
South Korea 4 6 4 14
Indonesia 4 4 5 13
Denmark 1 2 2 5
Malaysia 0 3 1 4
Great Britain 0 1 1 2
Japan 0 1 0 1
Netherlands 0 1 0 1
India 0 0 1 1
Russia 0 0 1 1

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