Twenty Year Medal Table for Rhythmic Gymnastics

Summer Olympic Games 1996 – 2016

DSC05358 (7916101456)

Belarus has produced many of the great stars of Olympic gymnastics. Olga Korbut was nicknamed the “Sparrow from Minsk”, Vitaly Scherbo was also born in the capital city, and Nellie Kim moved there at the age of 19. But since the Soviet Union’s fall, there has been a marked decline, with little investment in modern gyms, large enough to train in.

This is less of a problem for rhythmic gymnastics where Belarus has been a consistent force but is still yet to win gold. Could this be the year to step out of Russia’s shadow?

Russia 8 3 2 13
Ukraine 1 0 3 4
Spain 1 0 0 1
Belarus 0 4 2 6
Bulgaria 0 1 1 2
Italy 0 1 1 2
China 0 1 0 1
Greece 0 0 1 1

Next: Which are the leading countries that have tumbled to the top in trampolining?


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