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Rio 2016 Review of Day 13

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The United States won four gold medals in track and field. Ashton Eaton (above) kept the American decathlon tradition going, and matched Daley Thompson in retaining his title. Kerron Clement and Dalilah Muhammad won the two golds in the 400m hurdles.

The shot put was won by a rising star, Ryan Crouser, but there was no US victory over 200m, inevitably giving Usain Bolt his third win in the event, and an eighth career gold.

There has been much discussion of low attendances, as many Cariocas appear to have been priced out of the Olympics. But there is strong support for the events which are free to watch, including triathlon, where GB’s Brownlee brothers won gold and silver.

Crowds also gathered on Flamengo Beach for the most exciting race of the day, in the 49er FX sailing. With four crews separated by a single point, New Zealand led Brazil until the final leg, only to be overhauled, much to the delight of those on the shoreline. Brazil’s skipper, Martine Grael is the daughter of the five-time medallist Torben Grael.

Jordan emulated Kosovo and Fiji in winning its ever first Olympic medal and, just like them, it was a gold one, claimed by Ahmad Abughaush in the 68kg taekwondo event.

Alemãs levam ouro no vôlei de praia em Copacabana 1038669-18.08.2016 ffz-001a

Team World

Late last night, after Walsh Jennings and Ross won their bronze medal, the gold medal in beach volleyball went to Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst of Germany, who beat Agatha and Barbara of Brazil in the final. But all the medallists seemed happy (above).

Though India did not win a long-awaited medal, history was still made in men’s hockey. Argentina won its first ever gold, 4-2 over Belgium, which won a first medal since 1920.

Saori Yoshida suffered her first major championship defeat for fourteen years, against Helen Maroulis of the United States. Yoshida narrowly led 1-0 after the first period but Maroulis scored a takedown in the second and never looked back. There were shades of Aleksandr Karelin who, like Yoshida, lost in the final while chasing four golds in a row.

But one wrestler who did achieve four consecutive golds was Kaori Icho, who yesterday became the first woman to do so in an individual event. Japan won four of the six events in women’s wrestling so, with a gold in badminton too, it is now sixth in the medal table.


2 thoughts on “Around the Venues

  1. Only a few days to go and I’m already getting pre-emptive withdrawal symptoms. Comforting myself with the thought of the Paralympics still to come. Are you blogging those?

    When GB sneaked ahead of China in the medal table I thought Wow that’s brilliant, but I fully expected it to be a blip that would only last about 45 minutes before normal order being restored. And yet we’re hanging on in there…. What are your thoughts on how things will finish? Will it come down to Tom Daley v the incredible Chinese divers? What impact has Russia’s absence in some sports had on the whole thing?

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    • It will be very close indeed between GB and China but I think that GB will finish ahead, even if Tom Daley is beaten in the diving. China’s other best chances are in women’s race walking and badminton, but it has had a pretty poor Games in badminton so far. Meanwhile, Team GB has shots in taekwondo and modern pentathlon, plus Nicola Adams and Mo Farah.

      I don’t think Russia’s absence has made that much difference except in the two sports where it was completely banned, athletics and weightlifting. Other countries have been banned in weightlifting too which has given opportunities to the likes of Thailand and Colombia.

      The Paralympics is my traditional methadone to wean myself off the Olympics but I will not be blogging I am afraid. I will be watching loads but I have to work which will make it too difficult to keep it up.

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